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Faq – Best Air Rifle Under 300

Joseph asks…

what is the best, cheapest place to buy a really good m4 air soft rifle under $300.00?

full metal
full metal gearbox/mechbox
compatible with TM, G&G, Systema
good range…..accurate from 80-120 feet

if good answer that is fast you get an A++++++++++++++++++++++++ for the day!!!!!! woohoo
no carrying handle
accurate from 80-120 feet
full metal
full metal gearbox
full metal rails
retractable stock
compatible with other brands

Jim answers:

I’m pretty sure on under the m15 classic army series the carbine would be your best bet, its a great brand and i think it’s around 275

Daniel asks…

what are the best hunting air rifles under $300?

i am in the market for a new .22 Break barrel air rifle for hunting small game i need something that i can get tight groups with at 50 – 70 yards i am looking at the $230 Benjamin Trail NP , i like the idea of nitro pistons and want a quiet rifle my budget is $300 but id like to keep it around 250 if i can. is the Benjamin Trail NP any good or is there something better for the money ?

Jim answers:

The best “hunting” air rifle(50-70 yards) for under $300?
A .22 caliber Walther Falcon Hunter(26.5ft-lbs) or Talon Magnum. They’re the same rifle, with a different stock.


The best air rifle for under $300 is the Diana(RWS) 34(15ft-lbs)

Lifetime warranty from one of the oldest and finest airgun builders in the world.
But, even though the 34 is an accurate air rifle, it will not be an “effective” small game air rifle at 50+ yards. 40 yards, yes, 60, not so much.

The Benjamin Trail NP(15ft-lbs) has a maximum effective range of “around” 30 yards.

Betty asks…

RWS 34 Meisterschutze Pro a good hunter air rifle?

I am looking at the RWS air rifles and i am thinking this is the best one for hunter under 300 dollars what do you guys think?

Jim answers:

Airgun Depot has a .177 caliber RWS 34 + C-mount + RWS 350 4×32 scope for $245.99

I prefer my springers have iron sights

Under $300
If you’re a little patient, on Gunbroker you can find a .22 caliber RWS 350 Magnum for less* than $300

*much less if you’re really patient.

Ruth asks…

what is the best gamo air rifle?

i got a gamo hunter sport but i am returning it because it had some problems with it but what gun should i get instead the in under the 300 dollar price range

Jim answers:

Gamo hunter extrime
but i think diana(RWS) 350 magnum betterthan gamo

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