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Faq – Best Air Rifles For Hunting 22

Mandy asks…

Best .177 air rifle for hunting?

Am looking to get a .177 air rifle for shooting game. Have a .22 but in need of a new one. My budget isn’t a great deal, say £100. would like a scope. iv seen a couple for £60-£120 but at 6lb/ft. would of thought i can get 11lb/ft???

Can anyone give me any good manufactures?

I am experienced in shooting/hunting ect. No need for telling me to get permission lol.

Any help appreciated!

Jim answers:

Take a look at see what your money gets you.

If you can add some more £££ you could pick up a used HW80

Mary asks…

What is the best high powered air rifle for squirrel hunting that is under $400 bucks and shoots over 1250fps?

I would buy a .22 rifle but i live inside city limits so I cant legally use one. Just need a good air rifle to shoot squirrels. I was looking at the Gamo Varmint Hunter Air Rifle it is not that expensive and looks fairly well.

Could anybody tell me if the stock is that cheap plastic or is it solid good quality plastic. Give me what you think about this rifle.

Does anyone know of any other pellet rifles that are good and have a wooden or synthetic a wooden stock and under 400$ bucks

Jim answers:

The Gamo Varmint Hunter does not have a “cheap” plastic stock. It’s a very nice synthetic stock.


>the FPS with this rifle is using PBA, which inflates the FPS. PBA is NOT a good hunting pellet.
They even say that it’s FPS is 1200 with PBA and 1000 with light weight lead pellets. I doubt you will get 900fps with “normal” weight, lead hunting pellets such as RWS Superpoint(8.2gr).

Besides, pellets tend to become unstable and inaccurate when they break the sound barrier(347ms at sea level, approx 1130fps)

IMO, accuracy is a much-much bigger factor than FPS so long as the air rifle is reasonable powerful. Your target when hunting small game with an air rifle is 1 to 1 1/2 inches(head). I would rather have an 850fps air rifle that will shoot sub 1/2in groups at 40yds that one that shoots 1200fps and 3in groups.

It’s like I said before, the RWS 350 for $305 from Midwayusa is the best deal I know of. This rifle in .22 caliber makes a great small game hunter.

Hunting with airguns

You can check and see what others have to say about these rifles.

If you have a Bass Pro Shop in your area, they carry Gamo & RWS, among others. I don’t know about you, but I have to like the feel of a rifle.


Later: The RWS 460 Magnum has been a huge disappointment, this rifle has NOT performed anywhere near what RWS claimed it would. Why do you think the price has dropped like a rock. They were selling for almost $700, the anticipation(mine included) was huge for this rifle. After the first few were run through their paces it was found they were wimps and not the projected “Super” magnum. Read the reviews on Network54, you will see. The RWS 350 is the much better rifle for less money.

Sharon asks…

I just killed a crow with a .22 cal pellet.What would be the best way to find out the damage done to his body?

I used a 800 ft per sec .22 cal air rifle and a predator polymag hunting pellet… Step by step,what would be the best way to find out the damage done to his body upon the impact site of this crazy looking pellet… Thanks for the details… Jessi

Jim answers:

1. Get the crow
2. Skin it
3. Look for holes in body
4. Then you are done

Michael asks…

Best hunting rifle for small gmae?

I am stuck between what rifle i should get an air rifle or a .22 long rifle any suggestions?

Jim answers:

Depends on your shooting circumstances. If you live somewhere rural where you are running field shots and are stretching out to a few hundred yards – then you are probably looking at a .22 Magnum at least, or possibly one of the .17 HMR, or .17 Mach 2 chambered bolt action rifles. In .22 WMR you can get a semi auto (and technically if you want to spring for it, you can get the .17s in semi auto from Volquartsen, but it will set you back probably $1,500 or more.) but the others mostly bolt action.

- Cheap recommendation here (.22LR)? Remington 597. Dad just got one and it has a better trigger and off the bench is more accurate than my friend’s 10/22 across most ammo types. – Basic black under $200. With optic maybe $220 Remington has been having a mail in rebate deal on them as well.

- Mid tier recommendation (under $500) (22LR)? CZ 512. I have one and in a side by side with the Magnum Research .22 Carbon fiber Barrel or a Tactical Solutions converted 10/22 it more than held it’s own around accuracy. You can’t get high cap mags, and it doesn’t have some of the other bells and whistles, but the trigger has broken in some and is pretty nice, and at 25 yards was shooting .1″ 3 shot groups with Federal AutoMatch .22 ammo off a sandbag. The others would do the same, but they are several hundred dollars more expensive.

It is also in the range of a bunch of calibers – .223 being the most common. Again, tons of accurate bolt action and semi auto platforms (AR’s being the most common semi auto) but you will absolutely terminate a squirrel with one, and probably still play hell on a bunny. This probably gets you out to 300 yards or so, with a decent 3/4 MOA to 1 MOA gun, you are looking at 2 – 3 inch groups off a sandbag if you can do your end.

Now, if:
1)You live somewhere less rural, where it is harder to find places where it is legal to shoot a firearm
2) Or that it is more heavily populated so having a hard backstop is a must,
3) Or that your shots are generally 75 yards at the max and more like 30 – 50
4) And the largest critters you are shooting at are about the size of a good size cat (say 20 pounds or less)

Then a high power air rifle suddenly becomes much more attractive. With decent optics you can get spring piston guns which will group at less than 0.1 inches at 10 yards which is plenty of accuracy out to that 30 – 50 yard range. Higher powered air rifles can be had in 20, 22 and 25 caliber which increases how hard they hit (generally) due to the heavier weight of the pellet. PreCompressedPneumatic guns (filled with a scuba tank or compressor generally) can be much higher power with the same accuracy as well in the larger calibers.

You have to get pretty extreme before you get to the same level of power as a .22LR, and generally that isn’t with velocity, it is with pellet weight, so the “safety zone” is on the order of several hundred yards rather than the “1.5 – 2.5 miles” you see on the side of the ammunition boxes.

In an air rifle the classic magnum class budget air gun is the RWS 34. The Crosman/Benjamin NitroPiston guns are getting excellent press right now, but I haven’t shot one. Stepping up in power from a RWS34, any of the Webley Tomahawk, Air Arms TX200, RWS 48/52, Beeman R1 are excellent rifles. Personally I have a Webley Tomahawk in .22 All of these are going to be comparable in price to a mid tier .22LR.


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