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Faq – Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Steven asks…

how far does the GAMO Silent Cat Air Rifle with 4X32 Scope, Mounts and PBA Ammunition (.177 Cal.) shoot?

how far does the GAMO Silent Cat Air Rifle with 4X32 Scope, Mounts and PBA Ammunition (.177 Cal.) shoot?

Jim answers:

Effectively = 50 yards with a heavy pellet, not lightweight alloy pellet, which reduces the effective range to less than 40 yards.
45 degree un-aimed “mortar shot”? Maybe 500 yards.

David asks…

What is the difference between a Gamo Whisper X and a Silent Cat air rifle?

Jim answers:

None as far as the rifle itself, but gamos suck and break very easily(with the exception of the CFX and the rifles with the nitro piston installed by pyramydair) besides that, the whisper is a gimmick, the noise from a springer isn’t because of the pellets leaving the barrel, its because of the spring firing, the nitro piston is quiet

if you need a quiet, good quality air rifle, check out the Benjamin trail series, there are very quiet, powerful, and have a nitro piston

Nancy asks…

Would this .177 air rifle., with these accessories be good for hunting gray squirrels?

I am wondering if this air rifle would be good to use to kill tree rats:

with this scope:

and these bullets:

also with these bullets:

If you suggest a pellet gun I prefer break barrel and in the $150-$200 price range, greater than or equal to 1000 fps with .177 pellets, and I don’t want a loud pellet gun either.

Jim answers:

>>Gamo Silent Cat<>Leapers scope<>Crosman hollowpoint(7.9gr)<>Also with these pellets<<
"Generally" speaking, domed pellets are best for small game, while wadcutters are for pest birds

Lizzie asks…

Good scope for an air rifle?

I bought a gamo silent cat .22 cal air rifle and the scope that came with it is complete garbage. I zeroed it in and after a few shots it wasn’t accurate anymore so I had to zero it in again. What I want to know is what scope I should buy that will handle the recoil of the gun so I won’t have to zero it in every few shots. I’m willing to spend around $150.
I read reviews on the scope that came with it and everyone said the same thing. Basically that it sucks.

Jim answers:

For excellent value, it’s tough to beat a Leapers

Either the 5th generation Leapers 3-9x32AO or 3-9x40AO**
**I have this one

The Simmons Pro Air, are very good scopes.
I have had one on a FWB-124D for many-many years

I have an RWS 300 4x32AO on two of my rifles.
Obviously one of my favorites.

The Beeman “Blue Ribbon” scopes are very nice.

Air rifle – scopes

Excellent info

Added for your info

Gamo Silent cat – scope problems:
Have you tried a scope stop?

How to correctly mount an air rifle scope

You probably know how, but just in case someone else doesn’t

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