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Faq – High Power Air Rifle

Lizzie asks…

Could a high power .22 air rifle humanely take a raccoon?

I was wondering if a high powered air rifle in 22 cal could humanely kill a raccoon around 5-6 pounds. With heavy pellets in a gun that shoots around at the stated 1100 fps with alloy pellets. I understand that the heavier the pellet the slower the velocity but the higher the energy.Could i successfully kill a 5 pound coon with a head shot at 15-20 yards?

Jim answers:

I imagine it would do the job if you hit it just right. Keep in mind that these smaller animals like coons, squirrels and possums are quite a bit more resilient than we give them credit for. A buddy of mine had a possum that had invaded his garage and refused to leave several years ago. We finally decided that in order to get it out, we’d have to kill it. He obviously didn’t want to shoot his .22 inside the garage, so he shot it with a .22 caliber pellet rifle from… About 6 inches away. It didn’t die, so he shot it again… And again… And again… I finally had to whack its head off with a shovel. Now I know that this story makes us out to be sissies… Or inhumane, blood-thirsty animal slaughterers… But we weren’t sure if possums carried diseases or if this thing was rabid or what. We laugh about it now, but at the time, we felt sorry for it.

Mandy asks…

Why does my high-power air rifle do this?

I have a gamo viper air rifle.
It shoots wonderfully when it is warm it shoots hard and smooth.
But when it’s cold it shoots ruff and not so far and not good accuracy.

It is spring powered.

Please explain this to me.

Jim answers:

Like anything else metal with “moving” parts,heat makes the metal expand and rifle function smoother. Cold does the opposite. If you consider the main power source is a metal spring, the same issues apply…As Tango also said, lubricant can also be directly affected by temperature. The colder it gets, the “thicker” viscosity the lubricant becomes and slows/reduces it’s ability to lubricate…..

Nancy asks…

What is the BEST high power air rifle made?

I’m not worried about the price!

I think it’s a gamo but im not sure.

Jim answers:

RWS 460 Magnum or Gamo 2000 Hunter Extreme:

Sandy asks…

Should I get a .22 Long rifle or High Power Air Rifle?

Ok im going to be walking about 300-400 feet every night from now on from an unfinished house(where my room is) to another house(where I sleep and stuff),and i’m in an area where there are coyotes,bobcats,cougars,etc. and I need some form of weapon just in case….But I’m not allowed to purchase any rifle larger than a .22,although I do have a .30 carbine but I may not be able to carry it back and forth either,so right now I don’t know which to buy-A .22,or a high power air rifle(preferably with over 1,500 FPS),So which one do YOU think I should buy?

Jim answers:

Well, if I was limited to ONLY a .22lr, I’d get a semiautomatic .22lr with as big of a magazine i can get my hands on. I’d suggest a Ruger 10/22 with a (few) Butler Creek 25-round Metal Lips magazine.

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