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Faq – Ruger Blackhawk Air Rifle

Michael asks…

Ruger Blackhawk Air Rifle scope issues?

I just got a Ruger blackhawk air rifle and mounted the scope. I zeroed it in and when finished put it away.
The next day when I went to shoot I realized the scope was no longer Zeroed and later found out that the recoil was knocking the scope rings off of the rails.
The rear stop on the rails was secured by a small screw with no internal threading, only going through the pressed metal and even when secured the scope would show the front sight.
is there any easy or cheap fix to this?

Jim answers:

Seems like you’re using two-piece rings…..they usually don’t hold a scope tight enough on a spring piston air rifle.

Get yourself a one-piece mount preferably with 3 or more bolts so they can really grip on tight to the dove rails on the receiver.

Before you mount the scope mount it’s best to clean the dove rails and the edges of the mount with de-nature alcohol to get rid of any oil….that way it will grab on tighter. Some airgunners use a bit of Blue Loc-Tite on the rails also….just let the Loc-Tite cure (Dry) for 48 hrs. Before shooting.

As for seeing the front site a bit….that’s normal on low power, you just have to get used to it. When you turn the magnification higher the image of the front site will disappear.

If you really don’t want to see the front site you will have to buy a high mount.

Susan asks…

Ruger Blackhawk Air Rifle?

I am thinking about purchasing the Ruger Blackhawk .177 caliber air rifle. I was just curious as to how far out this gun is accurate. 30 yards maybe? I am just wondering because I would use this gun to squirrel hunt when a shotgun and a .22 caliber rimfire rifle would be too much. Any information is greatly appreciated! Also what kind of pellets should I use to eliminate those squirrels?

Jim answers:

I am thinking about purchasing the Ruger Black Hawk .177 caliber air rifle?
I agree with “Nate”, your money can be much better spent.

How far out is this gun accurate, 30 yards maybe?
Yep, and like “Nate” said, 1in 3 shot groups at 30 yards is the average for this rifle.

I would use this gun to hunt squirrel?
Air rifles(pellet) in this power range(14ft-lbs) can be used to take small game.

Any information is greatly appreciated?
Small game hunting – with air rifles

What kind of pellets should I use to eliminate squirrels?
The ones your rifle prefers(accuracy), but generally speaking domed pellets are the most effective on small game, while wadcutters are for pest birds


Added for your info

The Daisy Powerline 1000WS mentioned by “Nate” is a more powerful(17ft-lbs)**, more accurate and more durable rifle

**900fps with 9.5gr pellets

Maria asks…

Which air rifle should I get?

I can’t decide which air rifle I should get.
The two options are:
1. A Gamo Shadow 1000 Air Rifle w/scope, .177 cal
2. A Ruger Blackhawk Air Rifle w/scope, .177 cal
Both air rifles are 100 dollars. Which one should I get?
If you have any other suggestions for an air rifle, the air rifle must meet these requirments:
1. It is no more than 130 dollars
2. A good, accurate, and reliable scope is included
3. It must be able to at least propel a pellet at 1000 fps

Jim answers:

I would go for the Ruger Blackhawk Air Rifle and as you said, A good, accurate, and reliable scope is included.

James asks…

what are the most fun things to do with air rifles?

hey what are some fun things to do with air guns?i have a ruger blackhawk .177 caliber air shoots 1000 feet per second.any ideas?

Jim answers:

I used to set up those cheap, plastic army men in the backyard. They had trenches, ect.

Then I’d blast them. The pellets tear them up pretty bad, but its fun.

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