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Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review

Welcome to air rifles review dot com review of the gamo silent cat air rifle. This is a quick overview of the gamo silent cat air rifle and it’s specs.

Product Features

* caliber: 0.177 Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle Review
* velocity: 1200.00 ft/sec
* Warranty: One year limited warranty
* Skeleton Stock & 4×32 scope!

Product Description Product Description
The GAMO Silent Cat Air Rifle with 4X32 Scope, Mounts and PBA Ammunition will change the way you think about hunting with air guns. This high-powered adult air gun is ideal for small game hunting and pest control. The non-removable noise dampener reduces noise by up to 52%. The velocity is an impressive 1,200 feet per second with PBA ammunition or 1,000 feet per second with 0.177 caliber match-grade lead bullets. Made of durable all-weather black synthetic stock, you can take this tough, single shot air rifle out in any kind of weather. It also has a ventilated rubber pad for recoil absorption. It features a manual trigger safety and automatic cocking safety system and has a base for mounting the 4×32 rifle scope.
Product Description
This new model will change the way you think about hunting with airguns. Offering 1200fps with PBA or 1000fps with standard lead, your sure to be ready for the elements. The non-removable noise dampener reduces the noise by up to 52%.

[1] After sighting the scope this pellet rifle is very accurate at 200 feet. Invasive nuisance squirrels have vacated. I first bought the GAMO Whisper VH Air Rifle with 3-9×40 Scope Read Full Review

[2] Generally pleased with this air gun. Have been shooting a variety of pellets, but like the Gamo Tomahawk pellets, and Beeman Hollowpoint.

Though the trigger is adjustable, I was rather disappointed at the hard pull which made accurate shots difficult and didn’t bother trying to adjust it out. Instead replaced with a GRT III which made the trigger very close to the stock trigger on my Air Arms s410 in performance Read Full Review

[3] I’ve shot a few hundred rounds through the Silent Cat. Accuracy is AMAZING, essentially same hole groups at 20yds**. With the muzzle velocity chronograph at 1030 +/- 10fps, it is as loud as a standard “10 pump” pellet gun which has a velocity around 650fps. Essentially, sounds like a BB gun!

The suppressor does NOT quiet down the shot when using the PBA ammo, which gives Muzzle Velocities of 1280-1330fps, jumping into supersonic. With PBA ammo, a report like a ladyfinger firecracker going off is heard due to the “mini sonic boom” of the projectile. Read Full Review

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