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1inch Scope Rings w/ Stop Pin for High Power Magnum Airgun Air Rifles 11mm Base
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1" Medium Scope Rings w/ Stop Pin 4 High Power Magnum Airgun Air Rifle 11mm Base
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Medium 30mm Scope Rings Ring High Power Airgun Air Rifle 3/8" dovetail 11mm Base
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Air Soft Famas Tactical Rifle High Powered Spring Assault Gun 370 FPS Accushot
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High Power Air Rifle Reviews - Read Consumer FAQ and Questions
- Are there any laws against High powered, Homemade Air rifles?
I'm 16 in case being a minor makes a difference? But I love designing BS like Cars, Guns, Etc and I like keeping my ways different, Anyway for the past year I've been designing a Air rifle, (In other words not a cheaply thrown together toy) and I know this thing would be ever bit as powerful as some real rifles. and I was wondering would their be any legal issues if I built it? It is illegal to shoot guns were I am (Which really sucks) so that's why I don't "Get a real gun" I am in the US I own several High powered pellet guns. and they're legal. Its just my place is right inside the city limits (Literally across the street is out of limits) but the neighbors aren't the nicest people around, and We "COULD" shoot guns if we wanted, its just we aren't really supposed to (All we got for getting caught was a little warning saying everyone does it, But if they actually SEE us doing it again they will fine us or something). So its kind of on the iffy side.

A No, but it's unlikely you will come up with anything that will work well, unless you have access to some very exotic machining equipment and some very smart mechanical engineers to help you. It is much, much harder to build a high-powered air rifle than it is to build a firearm in the basement. Lots of people, including kids, have built pistols & rifles at home -- decent ones, not just the usual Zip Guns we made when I was growing up. But I don't know of anyone who has ever built a successful air rifle. You might check your local laws to make sure airguns can be fired, too. You would be better off just saving your money until you can get an RWS Model 34, a .22 cal airgun with the best reputation for reliability ever. They can be had for under 200 on sale, much less refurbished. Mine's been shooting daily on the farm for over 20 years.
- Can anyone give me info on a High Powered Air Rifle?
I am need of a high powered air rifle or pellet gun, like really powerful. I am 15 years old and I ride horses up in trails, where there is mountain lions, coyotes, and wolves..(now i am asking for a high powered weapon, i don't know if there is such a weapon that could actually kill an animal like that, if so please tell me about it, but primarily i just need to know about a weapon that would at least hurt the animal. So that it would not attack me.) and I cannot legally own a real gun, but i am still in need of a defensive weapon so can anyone give me all the information you know about high powered air rifles, and pellet guns?

A For mountain lions, wolves and coyotes? I am not sure that any air rifle will do you much good, especially if you are riding on a horse - almost all of the powerful air rifles out there are break-barrel / spring loaded, and having to cock the rifle while you are on a horse fearing for your life is not a good idea (this is based on the good safety practice of keeping rifles unloaded until actually being used). The Gamo Hunter Extreme is a powerful gun, but that 1600FPS is Gamo marketing and that is based on a PBA alloy pellet, whose accuracy I question, based on shooting them before. Also, you would probably need at least a .22 to take out something larger than a squirrel or rabbit. Gamo does have this new offering (forget what it's called right now, but it uses a 88g CO2 tank and is an 8-shot repeater that is .22CAL). That shoots 900-1000FPS, which is pretty good for a .22...but with CO2, if you use it in cold weather, your velocity will drop. I am not sure about U.S. laws, but in Canada here, those 12 to 18 can get a limited gun licence - I forget all the particulars with this (I think there must be adult supervision or something like that - my son's almost 6, so it'll be a while before I encourage him to get one). You may be able to use a smallbore .22 long gun from your Mom or Dad, if they are willing to purchase it - check with your local authorities on this. Also, as someone else mentioned, a shotgun may not be a bad idea as well. However, one thing I'd like to mention - while I am not a hunter, I am uneasy about anyone leaving an animal hurt and suffering in pain. If you're going to have to deal with an animal, I'd rather you obviously be able to save your own life, but it would be ideal that in doing, so that you be able to dispatch the animal humanely.

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