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Roy has been given the chance of a trolley dash in a warehouse stacked to the roof with pellets, scopes, bi-pods, camo and of course air rifles. Highland Out...
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- Webley Mark 3 air rifle?
i have started using my fathers old Webley mark 3 air rifle and i would like to add a scope to it the mounting bracket is slighty curved so i suspect it may be difficult to get a scope or would a standard scope fit, thanks for looking

A Contact the following, this guy is a wizz on old Webley rifles. John Knibbs International, Hillside, Shawbury Lane, Shustoke, Warwickshire, B46 2RR t: 01675 481006 f: 01675 481984
- Reccomended 1st air rifle?
What do you think, im thinking of getting a B2 or a B2 Custom...... Also what is the difference between a carbine and a non-carbine?

A For my first air rifle i went with a Webley Stingray, it is not ridiculously expensive but it is not a cheap gun, it is a secure steady hunting air-rifle which has got me many good kills. Considering air rifles don't really recoil, and you can learn the basic principles pretty much any break barrel, you may as well get yourself a nice one that will last. I would advise you to avoid carbine as they are not as accurate and when dealing with break barrels alot harder to load.

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