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Winchester & Western Air Rifle Targets, VINTAGE
$14.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Sunday Apr-27-2014 18:49:16 PDT
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New Winchester M14 .177 Caliber CO2 Dual Ammo Air Rifle 991014-402
End Date: Monday Apr-28-2014 11:35:52 PDT
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Winchester 1100WS Air Rifle Wood Stock 4x32 Scope & Mount - 0.177 cal
End Date: Friday May-9-2014 13:47:09 PDT
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New Winchester Model 1029 Break Barrel Air Rifle with Scope, Black 991029-402
End Date: Monday Apr-28-2014 11:51:48 PDT
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Winchester 1250WS Air Rifle Wood Stock 4x32 Scope & Mount - 0.177 cal
End Date: Tuesday May-13-2014 7:39:00 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $169.95
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WINCHESTER Model 77XS .177 cal BB or Pellet Air Rifle with Scope #0077
End Date: Saturday May-17-2014 8:33:56 PDT
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Here we perform some range tests to attempt to discover if there are benefits to a .22lr hollowpoint. We also look at a .22 wmr form a North American Arms Pu...
Winchester Air Rifle Reviews - Read Consumer FAQ and Questions
- Winchester 1000b air rifle ? 10 points!?
does anyone have this air rifle? I'm considering getting it but i was wondering if you could tell me a little about it? Is it loud? make a comparison ? tell me a little about it ? Thanks !

A The Winchester 1000b is a very loud spring piston rifle but it's not nearly as loud as a .22 LR. It is much louder than a Daisy Red Ryder. You can find the specs for the Winchester 1000b air rifle here The specs include a "loudness" rating, 4-medium-high would be very loud for a spring piston air rifle. Daisy Red Ryder "loudness" 1-low I prefer this one, if you just have to have a Winchester. The Winchester air rifles are made in Arkansas by Daisy. IMO - even though the Crosman air rifles are made in China, they are a little better gun than the Winchester. Take a look at some of the Crosman rifles that are in your price range. Crosman - Quest Crosman - Quest 1000x Crosman - Phantom 1000x Crosman - Storm XT I'm going to throw this one out, just for your information. If you could spend twice as much for your rifle you would get 10 times the gun. IMO the RWS 34 is the best "value" air rifle in the world. I prefer the wood stock "combo" version The RWS 34 is a high quality, spring piston air rifle made by RWS Dynamite Nobel, one of the very best airgun makers in the world. This rifle comes with a lifetime guarantee(it's) and will function well and shoot accurately when your kids hand it down to theirs.
- Is the Winchester 1080 Air Rifle a good gun?
If you dry fire it will it automatically break.

A Winchester 1080? I don't recall that exact model. Winchester has partnered with Daisy to build their air rifles, just like Remington with Crosman. To the best of my knowledge all Winchester air rifles are now being built in china. IMO, The next time the chinese build a good springer, will be the first time. If you dry fire it, will it automatically break? It's not a good idea to dry fire spring piston sporters, it's hard on the piston, piston seal, mainspring and compression chamber. Will it break the first time, maybe, maybe not, there is no way of knowing for certain one way or the other. The only "good" Winchester air rifle that I can recall, and that is relative. Was the 1000X they had built in Turkey by Hatsan. We(airgunners) used to call that rifle "the best of the worst", and for around $100, it actually was a pretty decent rifle. If you're looking for a reasonably priced air rifle that you can dry fire to your hearts content. Then buy a multi-pump pneumatic Benjamin 392. Walmart jacked the price up $8 for Christmas, but at $143, it's still a good deal.

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