Thursday, September 16

Clear Spring Airsoft Gun Replicas

Probably the coolest thing about BB and pellet guns is the fact that the guns are, many times, made as replicas of real guns. In some instances, the real gun that the BB or pellet gun is based on will be a gun that did not have a very long shelf life on the market, and was pulled either for poor sales or other reasons.

The .44 Automatic Magnum that was made popular in the Dirty Harry film sudden impact was a gun that didn’t last long at all in the marketplace, but the various clear spring airsoft gun replicas of it are common.

Replicas in Overview

Many of the hand gun reproductions are made as a clear spring airsoft gun. That is, it is a BB gun that fires a single shot per cocking. This is a preferred method for some as the alternative, a multi-firing or automatic gun, could possibly be dangerous under certain circumstances. So, for many, this is fine choice and serves the market of replica gun rarities very well.

Now, rare guns are not the only guns that are reproduced as a clear spring airsoft gun. Many times, famous guns have been reproduced as well. For example, the Colt .45 of wild west fame has been made as a clear spring airsoft gun. Also, the gun’s relative, the .45 Automatic, was a gun developed for military use in the Philippines at the turn of the 20th century. The .45 Automatic entered popular culture’s lexicon as an FBI gun in the 1930’s, and it remains one of the biggest clear spring airsoft guns on the market.

There are, of course, replica clear spring airsoft gun designed as rifles as well. Many times, these guns are used in paintball games. Actually, it is widely believed that if there never was an innovation in the vein of a clear spring airsoft gun, the game of paintball would not have ever developed due to the lack of a gun that could properly fire the paintball. One thing people must realize, however, is that the quality of the clear spring airsoft gun and the quality of the actual gun that the clear spring airsoft gun is based on are not dependent on one another.

That is, don’t dismiss the replica based on the poor performance of the original. Case in point, the .44 Automatic Magnum was a flop because it was a wildly impractical gun. Contrary to popular belief, the .44 Magnum was not a police gun, but a hunting gun. Since semi-autos are illegal in hunting, there is no need for the automatic version. Even as a means of self- protection in, say, bear territory, the gun was far to bulky to carry. The clear spring airsoft gun replica certainly does not have the flaws present that the original did. 

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