The Sport Of Airsoft: Using An Airsoft Pellet Gun

The sport of airsoft is a lot like paintball. In airsoft, players use an airsoft pellet gun as their weapon of choice. Airsoft is basically a combat sport or pastime that involves replicas of real firearms called airsoft guns. Airsoft is mostly popular in Asia, which is where most of its player base is from.

Japan and Hong Kong are both considered the capitals of airsoft as they produce the most players and the most overall interest in the sport. The majority of airsoft pellet gun products are also made in these areas, along with any aftermarket upgrade parts for the airsoft products.

Airsoft, as a game, is played in a large area. The area is usually outdoors although there are some indoor airsoft arenas available. The object of the game is to hit other players with your airsoft pellet gun and its ammunition. It is like paintball in many respects.

The projectile fired from an airsoft pellet gun is generally referred to as a BB. Due to the fact that airsoft BBs do not leave a mark on the clothing as a paintball pellet would, the difference in playing the game comes into play with the introduction of the honour system. In airsoft, the honour system is integral because the welts left in the skin from a BB shot are usually not a good or accurate way to judge hits.

It is generally accepted in airsoft that players yell hit or something of the sort in order to signify they have been tagged by an airsoft pellet gun. The player then either leaves the area of play or lies down on the spot and “plays dead” as if shot from a real firearm. The game continues until one player or one team is left victorious and has hit or tagged all of the remaining members of the other teams or players.

Precautionary Measures

Being hit with a BB from an airsoft pellet gun is generally going to be quite painful. This usually results in a welt in the skin or some other form of observable measure of injury. This can lead to serious injury should someone get shot in the face with a BB or in another vital area of the body. For this reason, a standard set of general guidelines are in place regarding the airsoft pellet gun and the sport of airsoft. There should be a pair of impact rated goggles on the player and other safety precautions are almost always in place during game play.

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