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Top 5 Best Airsoft Gun Reviews of 2020

Airsoft is an activity that is steadily gaining in popularity. It began in Asia but is quickly making its way around other parts of the globe. Like paint ball, Airsoft is an activity that involves guns. It is practiced by both law enforcement as well as weekend warriors. Airsoft is also gaining popularity as a competition sport.

Airsoft guns are made to look like the real thing. They shoot out tiny little projectiles, or BBs. Some Airsoft guns are propelled by air and some by springs but it’s the electric Airsoft pistols and other guns that really make a statement in Airsoft.

Electric Airsoft pistols and other guns look like the real thing and fire again and again as if they are shooting real bullets. Electric Airsoft pistols and other guns are powered by a rechargeable battery. The batteries are meant to hold up through an entire day of playing so you won’t have to worry about losing power halfway through, leaving you vulnerable to enemy fire.

The Honor System

Airsoft, unlike paintball, generally uses the honor system in order to let others know if a player has been hit. That’s because the BBs aren’t able to mark clothing or penetrate the skin. For this reason, whenever someone is hit, they’ll flail their arms, yell “HIT!” or they’ll play dead, whatever the rules are for that particular game.

With electric Airsoft pistols and guns, the BBs are fired with such force that there’s no question as to whether someone has been hit. Electric Airsoft pistols and other guns shoot farther and with greater force due to the battery powered energy behind each blast.

Electric Airsoft pistols and other guns are not as expensive as most people think and can be found on the Internet or in specialty Airsoft stores. Of course, you could also look into joining an Airsoft competition. However, a good practice session with your friends with electric Airsoft pistols and other guns is advisable before entering the tournament realm.

Electric Airsoft pistols and guns make you feel as though you’re really on the battlefield, with a heavy duty firearm. Airsoft makes for great practice for soldiers, law enforcement or for a group of friends looking for some excitement. The BBs may not be real bullets, but with electric Airsoft pistols and other guns, no one will be able to tell the difference, especially when they’ve been hit.  

Top 5 Best Airsoft Gun Reviews

Evike AK47 Advanced Full Metal Real Wood Airsoft Gun

The Evike AK47 airsoft gun is among the most popular models of the replica gun used in the game of airsoft. The actual Evike AK 47 is a gas-powered assault rifle designed for Mikhail Kalashnikov, produced in Russia. It was popularized in films and on TV shows and it also known as the “Kalashnikov”. The AK 47 is widely considered the most popular and recognizable assault rifle in the world. For this reason, many people into the game of airsoft use an AK47 airsoft gun replica for their game play. The design of the replica gun is so close to the real gun that they are often confused to sometimes dangerous results.

Evike AK47 Advanced Full Metal Real Wood Airsoft Gun

In the time of the Cold War, countries like China, Russia, and the United States served as the primary arms dealers for the rest of the world. Russia was known to be supplying the AK47 to several armies around the world, often for free of charge. African nations and armies often were supplied with generous amounts of Kalashnikovs; the AK47 was said to have spread to over 55 national armies in the period of the Cold War, creating a widespread usage pattern that continues into the world today and is utilized as the top selling weapon in army history.

Evike AK47 Advanced Full Metal Real Wood Airsoft Gun Review

For this reason, the AK47 has a lot of cultural impact on our society as a whole. It is even included in the flag of Mozambique and is quite prominent in many countries’ coats of arms, such as Burkina Faso. In some African countries, people even name their children after the Kalashnikov by calling them “Kalash”. It is quite a popular name and gives an alarming sense as to the popularity of the AK47 in our world. The AK47 airsoft gun, because of this incredible global popularity, is clearly the top selling airsoft gun on the market today. Most players of airsoft use an AK47 airsoft gun as part, or whole, of their arsenal.

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World Politics Influences GameplayIn many Hollywood films, the “bad guys” are armed with AK47s as a symbol of the way in which most of the Western world views these guns. This, however, gains them certain notoriety and makes them popular as the AK47 airsoft gun flies off the shelves. People feel a kinship to the weapon, replica or not, that is represented by the politics behind the weapon. The politics behind the weapon, in turn, is shown in the marketing and showmanship of the AK47 airsoft gun.

Evike AK47 Advanced Full Metal Real Wood Airsoft Gun Features

  • Completely pre-built
  • Gun ships with blaze orange flash hider to meet US regulations
  • Realistic real wood with lacquer finish
  • Metal receiver and barrel assembly
  • Metal version 3 gearbox
  • Realistic 1:1 scale


  • Excellent for beginner to advanced users
  • Realistic size and shape


  • Does not come with a battery

Evike CYMA Keymod-S M4 Airsoft AEG

Airsoft is a game that originated in Asia and has quickly spread across the globe to many other countries. This game is similar to paintball in that the players wield guns and try to shoot their opponents, who are then “out”. Airsoft is played on paintball style fields and, in fact, many people play Airsoft on the same fields as people who play paintball. The difference between the two is that many Airsoft guns are replicas of actual models of military, law enforcement and other guns. The other difference is that Airsoft uses tiny plastic BBs instead of balls filled with paint. Another very important difference is that, unlike paintball, with Airsoft, you can’t usually tell when another player is hit.

Evike CYMA Keymod-S M4 Airsoft AEG

Looks Like The Real Thing The electric Evike CYMA Keymod-S M4 Airsoft gun is an exact replica of the M4 used by our military. It’s stock, barrel, even the grip, are meant to look and feel just like the real thing. The electric M4 Airsoft gun uses battery power to fire shot after shot. That means that there’s no need to cock or pump the electric M4 Airsoft gun, unlike other Airsoft guns. The batteries that power the electric M4 Airsoft guns are meant to last, meaning you won’t have to worry about fumbling with batteries in the middle of play, which might leave you vulnerable to taking a hit. The BBs are loaded easily and are fired off quickly and easily, thanks to the semi-automatic nature of the electric M4 Airsoft gun.

Evike CYMA Keymod-S M4 Airsoft AEG Review

In Airsoft, unlike paintball and other similar sports, it is often difficult to determine if a player has been hit or not. The BBs don’t leave marks like balls of paint do and, therefore, there are no telling marks that a player is out. For this reason, people who play Airsoft generally use the honor system when playing. When they are hit, they will either call out or raise their hand. Or, if player rules deem it so, they will simply play dead. The electric M4 Airsoft gun will pelt your opponent with round after round with precision and speed, leaving no question as to whether or not they’re out or not. The only question they’ll have is where to get a gun like your electric M4 Airsoft gun.

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Airsoft has steadily gained in popularity over the years. For this reason, there are many retailers of Airsoft guns. You can find an Evike CYMA Keymod-S M4 AEG Airsoft gun at an Airsoft dealer near you. Or, try the internet. The Internet is full of Airsoft retailers. Online dealers sell the electric M4 Airsoft gun as well as many other models. They also sell safety equipment and they often know when the next tournaments are to be held.
So, pick up your Evike CYMA Keymod-S M4 Airsoft gun today and start practicing with your friends. Then, when you think you’re good enough, try your hand at playing Airsoft with the best in the country. However, don’t try your hand at competition without owning the power, the precision and the awesome look of the electric M4 Airsoft gun.

Evike CYMA Keymod-S M4 Airsoft AEG Features

  • Pre-built
  • 12″ Keymod-S style polymer handguard
  • 14.5″ aluminum alloy outer barrel assembly
  • Enhanced style 6 position adjustable stock
  • Ergonomic motor grip
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Full length 20mm accessory rail
  • FPS Range: 400-420


  • Easy integration of popular Keymod spec
  • Adjustable stock
  • Enhanced selector switch make fire control and manipulation easy


  • Batteries, scopes, and other accessories not included

Evike KWC CO2 Powered Uzi Airsoft Gun

The Uzi, an Israeli machine gun, was first popularized in action movies in the 1980s, as the Uzi was such a rapid firing weapon that most people could hardly believe that it really existed. Well, it really did exist, and replicas of it went into production on both the toy market and the air gun market. To this day, it still remains a top seller and a highly popular item. Perhaps the mythic quality of the gun is so huge that it may allow the Uzi to enter the same realm as the wild west’s Colt .45, where toy versions of it will outlast the production of the real gun by many years.

Evike KWC CO2 Powered Uzi Airsoft Gun

When it comes to airsoft guns, the Evike KWC CO2 Powered Uzi Airsoft Gun is highly popular and people love the rapid fire quality of it, as well as the ability of owning their own version of the Uzi. Many times, because the Uzi has a psychological, mythical appeal to it, it can almost enhance the confidence level of a paintball player.

This is simply because mere possession of the gun may enhance their outlook on how to play the game, as well as the level of confidence that goes into playing the game. This is a good thing, as any little bit of help counts and helps someone inch that much closer to the victory line. Every player wants to be on their way toward winning a tournament and gaining all the accolades that go along with a high profile win. However, the Evike KWC CO2 Powered Uzi Airsoft Gun has its many critics, as anything that is popular will have critics who poke around something and try to undermine the credibility of the item either by accident of design.

Evike KWC CO2 Powered Uzi Airsoft Gun Review

One of the critiques leveled at the Uzi airsoft gun is that there is a high probability of the Uzi airsoft gun jamming during fire. Well, there may be a possibility, but a probability would be a stretch of a term. There is no evidence out there that suggests that the Evike KWC CO2 Powered Uzi Airsoft Gun jams at a higher degree than any other type of airsoft gun on the market. Sometimes negative hype takes on a life of it’s own.

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If the Evike KWC CO2 Powered Uzi Airsoft Gun is your own personal preference as an airsoft gun, then by all means purchase one and use it when playing paintball. Consumer criticism is fine, but ultimately, let experience be your true guide as to what does or does not work for you.

Evike KWC CO2 Powered Uzi Airsoft Gun Features

  • This Airsoft gun is fully built
  • Powered by 12g Co2 cartridges
  • Detachable magazine & spare magazines available
  • Muzzle Velocity: 400 – 400 FPS


  • The felt recoil of the KWC UZI is very impressive
  • Realistic hard-kick blowback action
  • Adjustable Hopup and sight


  • Batteries, scopes, and other accessories NOT included

Evike CYMA M16A3 Full Metal Airsoft AEG

When it comes to Airsoft guns, nothing beats the Evike CYMA M16A3 Full Metal AEG Airsoft gun. The electric M16A3 Airsoft gun looks like the real thing and even comes with a shoulder strap to hold over your shoulder, just like our military uses. You’ll feel powerful and ready to go when you hold your M16A3 to your shoulder, ready to fire that first shot at the opposing team.

Evike CYMA M16A3 Full Metal Airsoft AEG

Airsoft guns are meant to look and feel like the real thing and that’s just what you get with the electric M16A3 Airsoft gun. The grip and stock feel just like an actual M16A3, giving you the edge you need to defeat your opponents and bring home that win.

Airsoft guns don’t use real bullets. Instead, Airsoft guns use tiny plastic BBs that emulate real bullets. The bullets don’t hurt very much and don’t leave any marks. For this reason, more and more people are buying Airsoft guns to play with their friends. These friends often get together on a playing field, in the woods or even in their very own backyard, to shoot it out to determine who is the best gunner of them all.

Evike CYMA M16A3 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Review

Airsoft is gaining popularity on the tournament circuit, as well. Nothing brings intimidation to an opposing team like an electric M16 Airsoft gun. M16s look mean, they look powerful and intimidating and that’s just what you get when you buy an electric M16 Airsoft gun.

Evike CYMA M16A3 Full Metal AEG Airsoft guns use electric battery power to propel the BBs over long distances. The batteries are meant to last through the entire duration of play. The batteries make every shot count as they deliver powerful shots over and over, allowing you an even greater edge over the competition.

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Electric M16 Airsoft guns can be found on the Internet or in specialty Airsoft stores. There’s nothing like owning your very own M16 and using it to defeat your opponents. People of all ages, of all backgrounds, are using Airsoft guns to play with friends or in competitions. Even military and law enforcement officials practice using Airsoft guns. That means that when you hold your electric M16 Airsoft gun, you’re holding a powerful piece of machinery that’s used by the best of the best. You’ll definitely bring that win home for your team and you’ll do it in style with your new Evike CYMA M16A3 Full Metal AEG Airsoft gun.

Evike CYMA M16A3 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Features

  • Completely pre-built
  • Aluminum alloy upper and lower receivers
  • Fixed stock with polymer handguard, stock and pistol grip
  • Removable carry handle exposes 20mm accessory rail
  • Reinforced V2 gearbox
  • Wired to the handguard


  • Aluminum alloy barrel assembly
  • Adjustable front and rear sights
  • Ideal for mounting optics or other accessories


  • Batteries, optics, and accessories not included

Lancer Tactical LT-10 AK-47 Electric Airsoft Gun

A pro airsoft gun like Lancer Tactical LT-10 AK-47 Electric Airsoft Gun can mean the difference between being an amateur airsoft player and being a grand champion of the risky adventure game. Use your wits and prepare yourself with your pro Lancer Tactical LT-10 AK-47 Electric Airsoft Gun; the time to succeed is now and you had better be ready. If you are willing to take on a gun with the moniker of pro airsoft gun, you had better be ready to live up to the name and bring your “A-game” with you to the playing field. If not, you had better stay at home with your laser tag set hoping to succeed at something. It may sound harsh, but airsoft is no place for those that don’t know what they’re doing.

Lancer Tactical LT-10 AK-47 Electric Airsoft Gun

If you are ready to play, you might be the team captain with your Lancer Tactical LT-10 AK-47 Electric Airsoft Gun. Get ready to amp up your team and get them ready for the battlefield. You need to function as a powerful ring general out there, ready and willing to go the extra mile for your team and to take pellets for them. You need to be able to throw your body around with reckless abandon and be ready to pursue the enemy at all costs. Airsoft might be a game, but you are a pro and nothing is a game when you are packing the heat of a Lancer Tactical LT-10 AK-47 Electric Airsoft Gun on your back with a mission to seek and destroy.

So you’re ready and willing to play the game and you are armed to the hilt with power and precision based weapons. Get ready for the ride of your life as you strap your team to your back and carry them across enemy lines and into the misty darkness of the other side. Crossing the big hill in front of you will be harder with the basis of a team on your back, but you’re the pro now. You’ve got the pro airsoft gun as a part of your gear and, what’s even better than that you’re packing several reloads for the weapon. You’re ready to prime your enemy full of red paint within seconds.

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Turning friends into enemies is one of the great things that the game of airsoft has been known to do. It is huge in Asia and other areas of the world in which competition is a virtue and a value above all else. Being the supreme victor is the ultimate prize in airsoft, so packing your pro airsoft gun gives you that extra edge you have been waiting for.

Lancer Tactical LT-10 AK-47 Electric Airsoft Gun Features

Polymer body
Metal gearbox


  • High capacity magazine


  • Motor upgrade may be required for better performance

The Danger Of Airsoft Guns

The problem with airsoft guns is that they look so much like real guns that police officers and other members of society are starting to confuse them with the real guns. This becomes a problem when people start to confuse a toy or a replica with reality because it can result in injuries or even death from that confusion. Many of us have likely heard stories about police officers shooting at a suspect that they thought was armed, only to discover that it was only a toy or a replica gun. Airsoft guns are designed to such realistic specifications that it is easy to be confused.

Unfortunately, the realism is also the appeal with airsoft guns collectors. It is for this reason that people amass large collections of these guns in their homes and keep them for forms of sport and recreation. This only adds to the confusion and the issue about gun control on the streets because it creates a whole new innocent angle to the crisis in North America. People owning airsoft guns are not felons nor are they committing any crime because of the airsoft guns they own. They do, however, unwittingly compound the issue of gun violence in society by contributing to the image.

The Fiction Of Reality

The primary issue with airsoft guns and other toy or replica guns is their appearance. This gun, however, can be misused and can result in the harm or fatality of other human beings if they are not used correctly. There are many reports of injuries resulting from the use of such a gun or from the use of the pellets or ammunition in incorrect and dangerous ways. This adds to the stigma in society about guns as a whole and contributes to the overwhelming feeling that all gun types, even fake ones, are violent and should be controlled by police or government officials.

The basis behind this stigma is that we live in a violent world. We see violence on the news and on television shows around the clock, each day, and yet there are members of society that still pursue it as a hobby or as an area of interest. While on the one hand this is likely leveling and unfair stigma on to gun collectors or those that enjoy airsoft guns, it is a very real component as to how the rest of the world views guns. Even fake ones fall under the scrutiny of gun control lobbyists.   

Staying Safe with a Full Size Electric Airsoft Gun

A full size electric airsoft gun can be quite a fearsome sight, particularly if it is aimed in your vicinity! For the uninitiated, this type of gun is a battery powered gun that fires BB’s or pellets. Many times, the full size electric airsoft gun is a replica of the real gun and fires full automatic blasts. Some of these guns can fire up to 150 rounds per minute, which is a fairly impressive number. Many of the airsoft guns that are replicas are usually scaled-down versions of the real thing. That is, they look identical to the real gun, but are smaller in size.

The fact that they are smaller in size does not diminish the workability of the guns, it is just that they do not necessarily have to be the same size as the real thing in order to work. Now, the full size electric airsoft gun is the actual size of the real thing. Many times a full size electric airsoft gun is hard to distinguish between the toy and the actual gun. Needless to say, this can lead to some problems if someone thinks they saw you loading an AK-47 into your car or shooting it in your back yard. So, how does one avoid such potentially catastrophic situations?

Means of Safety

A full size electric airsoft gun will have a distinguishing characteristic that can help someone identify the toy from the real thing. The muzzle of the full size electric airsoft gun will have a blaze orange tip per federal law. The use of blaze orange is done for the same reason that it is used in hunting: it is easy to identify from a distance, and will not blend into the background and appear invisible. The issue that needs to be brought up here is that only those people familiar with federal law will realize that the blaze orange tip is indicative of a toy.

The average person on the street may not realize this and may assume it is real. This might lead to a call to law enforcement. This is why it is highly recommended that when transporting the full size electric airsoft gun, keep in secured in the trunk of the car. Keep it out of sight and a great number of problems will be avoided. If using the full size electric airsoft gun, one should not do so recklessly, and certainly should not play any “jokes” claiming the gun is real. That stunt will likely get you arrested if someone feels you threatened them in any way. Keep it safe, and keep it smart! 

The Safety Precautions Of An Electric Airsoft Machine Gun

Review When you are playing the game of airsoft, the most important factor beyond winning the game is to be safe while you are playing. The most important component of airsoft safety is maintaining the safe and reliable operation of your electric airsoft machine gun. These are not toys, they are weapons and they should be considered dangerous in the wrong hands. A BB fired from an electric airsoft machine gun can sting and can cause serious bodily injury, especially if it is fired in the wrong spot and hits a part of the body that is incredibly sensitive.

Proper protection gear is necessary to play airsoft. This includes a set of shatter-resistant goggles and a helmet, in most cases. The bare minimum piece of equipment allowed on all airsoft game play areas is a pair of goggles. Glasses or sunglasses are not suitable replacements for the official shatter-resistant goggles of airsoft. Do not go without these goggles as a single shot from any airsoft weapon to the eye can cause blindness or other serious injury. It is not worth it to take the chance with your sight or your health in this way; remember to be cautious and careful at all times.

Maintaining Your Weapon

One of the most important aspects of airsoft is the maintenance of your electric airsoft machine gun. Keeping your gun clean and ready to go with the right amount of lubricant and other materials is a good idea. This can be vital to the workmanship of your gun and can help keep you safe, as well. This is because an improperly firing gun becomes unreliable and unpredictable. With this unpredictability comes a lack of knowing when and where the gun will fire and how or if it will reach its target. This can cause serious unintentional accidents from occurring and can result in injury.

Pay attention to the working parts of your electric airsoft machine gun. Make sure you are familiar with the electric aspect as well, ensuring that no accidental shocking developments occur. The most dangerous part of any weapon, real or replica, is a user that is not familiar with its working order or improper maintenance. When used properly, an electric airsoft machine gun can be a fun and exciting part of any collection. When used improperly, however, it becomes a dangerous liability and a harmful addition.

The Future Of The Automatic Electric Airsoft Gun

When we look ahead in the world of the game of airsoft, we are compelled to wonder about whether or not technology will change the way we look at the sport. Will the automatic electric airsoft gun become a weapon of the past in exchange for some sort of repeat-fire model with a laser scope that allows the pelting of pellets to increase to deadly levels? Or will the combat sport somehow maintain simplicity in light of advances in all other sports? People will always upgrade their weapons, but how far out of control this gets is up the gamers themselves.

The automatic electric airsoft gun functions quite well as it is for more players of airsoft. They would rather play with the simplicity of such a weapon than risk vital parts of their game to newer technology that could end up slowing them down. For this reason, most advances in airsoft are turned down in terms of what they can offer and players are more apt to stick with the classic automatic electric airsoft gun to fire at the enemy. Laser sights and scopes are traditionally seen as add-ons within reason, so some of these options may alter as the game evolves over time.

Changing The Game

Altering the game of airsoft is something that many traditionalists will not agree to. The components of the game are very simple: point and shoot. Altering these components and adding in a selection of technology and new rules would be sacrilege to many players and would suggest a turn in adventure games that many would rather, simply, turn away from. For this reason, airsoft maintains a lot of popularity and players clutching their automatic electric airsoft gun venture on to the field to play it in its most simple form. The basics are still pure, according to many airsoft players.

The automatic electric airsoft gun, along with other weapons of pellet destruction, remains at the top of the list for preferred weapons of purists of the game. Stating the obvious, many prefer the adventurous feel of the game before any technological advances make it too predictable. Part of the adventure is being out there, with nothing but your safety equipment and your automatic electric airsoft gun, and hunting for opponents. The greatness of airsoft is in the purity of the game and too many changes would defile it to an extent that nobody wants to live with.  

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